You might be beyond the point of running alky through the ida's Were I am right now, I am at the limit of the carbs in there stock configuration. I have been using 3ish lbs. of pressure with no problems, but when I tried to bump up the compression to see what would happen, I could not keep the bowls full and that was even at 11 lbs. using a holley blue pump. I have come to the conclusion what I would have to do to make mine work. Such as hog out the little cavity opposite the accelerator pump, open up the inlet to the needle and seat and modify the needle and seat it self, move to two or a high flow regulator. Other options might be to add a second fuel pump or a really bad ass pump and set up a nos fuel solenoid and a jet to feed the bowls in another position to come on at full throttle. There are definitely a few things that can happen to potentially make it work.
A little back ground on my motor, 2332 E125 with 1.25 rockers (actually 1.16) s/f 2's (44x37) running just over 8 :1. Using a holley blue pump with standard regulator and fuel line to the back. You will probably have to keep the ventruies a little smaller then you might be use to, to keep it flowing through the jets. My jet setting with alky like at Sacramento is 240 main 165 air f7 emulsion 90 idle going through 40 ventrui. Just be careful with lean out. At the Carlsbad DD3 race, I had bumped up the compression to 11:1 and just that much of a change made it very difficult to keep it working right. Although I won the brackets I also melted 4 or 5 different plugs in the process. The tips just kind of disappear. Best advise I can give you is start out rich (I started with a 120 air and it ran fine and won a race on it) It is very forgiving to running that way, you might also want to get a O2 sensor to see what happens. On the valve issue,, I believe the guys at EMS are a manley valve dealer, they might be able to get what you want.


muffler mike

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