48 CARBS Wednesday, 23-Aug-2000 13:31:52 writes: what is the difference between 48 IDA carbs and 48 IDF carbs?????which one is better? ELvis

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48 CARBS (ELvis) (23-Aug-2000 13:31:52)

IDA's have piston type accellerator pump and IDF's have a diaphram pump. Basically, IDF's are a "street" version of the IDA racing carburetor. Just my opinion... ask the man who owns one... (n/t) (george brown) (23-Aug-2000 14:52:14)

48 IDA FLO 3 CFM BETTER ON DYNO (n/t) (GREG G.) (24-Aug-2000 01:43:52)

Which dyno measures CFM? Or is this corrected estimate? (n/t) (Steve Arndt) (24-Aug-2000 11:29:24)

Re: I assume you mean better for gas mileage? The Idfs have more progession holes and ... ( Mark H) (24-Aug-2000 13:28:10)

Re: I assume you mean better for gas mileage? The Idfs have more progession holes and ... Thursday, 24-Aug-2000 13:28:10 writes: Because of this they run smoother from idle to the main circuit. The IDAs are made to race and have a very poor transition circuit. They are made to basicly run at wide open throttle . They usually have some sort of flat spot and don`t drive as well as IDFs out of the box. IDAs have a larger inside diameter velosity stack as well as the top part of the carb. Even though bothe carbs have 48mm throttle plates the IDAs will ultimately flow more air and make more power. But again they don`t run as smooth and they eat more gas. Out of all the 48s I`ve run the Dellortos are by far the best all around carb. They are very smooth ,they get great mileage and they come with 40mm chokes so they can make more power than an IDA out of the box. Of coarse they stopped making these so you have to find used ones. The (NEW) 48 IDFS may be improved over the old ones ? 5 progresion holes is best and hopefully they come with 40 chokes too. Hope this helps a little, Mark H


48IDA's or 48IDF's?

Monday, 15-Jan-01 22:31:11 writes:

This will sound like a silly question to the seasoned dragracers, but have never seen the 48IDA's up close what are the distinguishing

characteristics that make them different from the IDF's other then performance. I think I have located a set and dont want to overpay for an old

pair of IDF's.

Todd Johnston


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The spacing on the barrels is much further apart on the IDAs. Plus you can clearly see the float bowl sitting between the barrels on a IDA. On DCNF the float bowl sits to one side. On a IDF

you can't really make out the float bowl from the outside. I hope this helps, maybe someone else can tell you more:-) (n/t) ( James2) (15-Jan-01 22:37:31)

Re the phisical size difference, man I put my IDAs next to my 40 IDFs and WOW the difference is huge (n/t) (TAylor Walton) (15-Jan-01 23:16:24)

Check for the carb ID number on the base flange, where the carb bolts to manifold. All IDA's and IDF's that I have ever seen have the carb model # stamped into the base flange surface.

Unless, of course, they have been removed or tampered with. (Grant Krinke) (16-Jan-01 06:25:55)

That did'nt come out right. SIDE OF BASE FLANGE. (n/t) (Grant Krinke) (16-Jan-01 06:28:45)

The most visible difference is 48IDAs have no extrenal accelerator pump and look more like castles. (n/t) (Gary Cooper) (16-Jan-01 13:43:11)

except the turrets arent castleated (however you spell it) (n/t) (john f UBER ALLES) (16-Jan-01 16:17:39)

Easy on me john i cant type either, lol (n/t) (18-Jan-01 09:37:34)

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