Name That Wheel Contest (Classic VW Wheel Faq)
These unusual Volkswagen wheels were shown to us by the Anonymous Collector. His exact name and location will remain a mystery, but not this part of his fabulous VW collection. The first person to answer all the following questions wins a videotape from Ocean Street Video:

1) Name all twelve wheels.
2) Which wheel type was on one of the Munster cars from the '60's?
3) Which wheel was a VW dealer option for Karmann Ghia's, and why?
4) Which wheel was a drag racer favorite and why?

All answers will be subject to the whims of the Anonymous Collector. If no one gets all the answers right by the contest end date, the closest person will win. These freeze frames are from the upcoming video, "Kafer Fever I: The VW Classic".

UPDATE! A couple of winners have been declared in the contest, so the answer page has been posted here. One of the winners, John Shepard of www.dunebuggyarchives.com has sent in some more rare, classic VW wheel pictures. You can find them here.
VW Wheel CollectionVW Wheel Collection

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