Volkswagen Drag Racing!

PRA '97 The Year of the Dragster
1997 was an important year for the Quick-8 dragsters. That unlimited racing class saw records being shattered, not just broken. It was all the more exciting with the transformation of the class into a heads-up category called Top Eliminator.

In the Pro Turbo class, world record holder Chris Bubetz faced stiff competition from the new fastback of Doug Harvey. He also saw defeat at the hands of arch-rival Dominick Luppino in the Dragonslayer. Jay Schumacher was running Pro Turbo, and he was wheelstanding the old Moonshadow car at nearly every event. You won't want to miss this racing action!

PRA '97 has more on-board camera work than ever. You'll take a ride with veteran driver Randy Bowen at Las Vegas, and there is a special perspective of Pro Stock racer Jack Sacchette. In fact, the last shot in this video is a floorboard view of Jack going through the gears like you wouldn't believe! Check out the pc video clip preview from the download section of our website.

This video takes a different tack when it comes to the on-board camera work. In the past, Ocean Street Video has adjusted the camera exposure to give the track shot priority over the interior shot. This meant the inside of the car was dark. For PRA '97, the exposure on most of the on-board shots was turned up, in order to highlight the driver. While this makes it look like the driver is piloting the car through a snowstorm, you get a much better feel for the action in the vehicle.

The shop profile this time is on Jack, and he lets us sit in on a killer dyno session with Super Street powerhouse Shawn Geers. You'll see his record-setting engine throughly flogging the dyno at over 8,000 rpm! The sound this motor puts out is amazing!!


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