95 Tape 3 x 4 inches

PRA '96 Pro Stock Renaissance
PRA '96 takes a close look at the revival of the Pro Stock class, where drivers spend top dollar on state of the art equipment in a title chase for the most prestigious flat-four crown in the world. These are the best naturally-aspirated VW drag racing vehicles ever built, and every one of them is a work of art.

One of the more exotic Pro Stock cars to make it's debut in 1996 was the yellow notchback built by Ron Lummus. Take a look at both the notch and it's creator in a shop profile with Ron, where he talks about the PRA and the growth of the Pro Stock class.

However, Ron Lummus Racing isn't all about just Pro Stock, as you will see when the discussion turns to the Pro Turbo chariot belonging to Chris Bubetz. This is one wild ride, and you won't want to miss the in-car camera footage with Chris at Sacramento as he breaks yet another Pro Turbo record. You will see those same two passes shot from both the in-car viewpoint and trackside as PRA '96 takes you where no VW video has ever gone before.

The action continues in the Super Street class, where Rafael Vasquez totally dominates most of the season. However, by the last race in Phoenix Shawn Geers had recovered from a horrible crash earlier in the year to stake his claim as a solid contender for the 1997 Super Street title. When you see the footage of his wreck at over 120 mph you won't believe that he walked away with nothing more than a few bruises.

For the ultimate in exotic flat four excitement you will want to check out the Quick-8 class, where the sky is the limit and there are few rules on what you run. This is where some of the heaviest air-cooled hardware on the planet comes to play. If you want to run with the big dogs here plan on spending $60-80,000+. In Sacramento they have turned it into a heads-up class, where you will be matched up against single superchargers, top fuel dual-superchargers, and twin-turbo rails. This is flat four racing like you've never seen before!

The soundtrack is from Seattle-based Noxious Emotion. This band is HOT, and the tunes you will hear are off of their 1997 release "Count Zero". You can contact them at http://www.noxious.com


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