95 Tape 3 x 4 inches

PRA '95 Pro-Turbo Special
PRA '95 is called the "Pro-Turbo Special" because it contains more turbocharged flat-four action than you will see anywhere on the planet. While this tape fully covers all three PRA classes(Super Street, Pro Stock, and Pro Turbo), it makes a special attempt to show every Pro-Turbo run of the 1995 season. This is important because four of the top Pro-Turbo cars of the 90's are no longer with us. Ron Townsend, Steve Ortega, and Manny Flores in Yellow Trouble all lost their cars thru accidents. Kenny Stacey in the Turbo Addiction Ghia retired from PRA racing after winning Sacramento and running very well in Las Vegas. Don't pass up the opportunity to see these force-induced insects running for the last time.

The turbocharged action continues with a detailed look at the new rail belonging to Scott Lauffer of VW Paradise. You will then see the finished vehicle perform it's third pass at Sacramento. This is a top-notch rail running one of only five ball bearing turbos of it's kind in the world, and it's complimented by the most sophisticated computerized fuel injection system ever run on a flat-four engine. But PRA '95 isn't all about turbo cars, as you will see when Gary Berg makes a rare appearance at Sacramento in his famous Super-Street bug. He runs head on into the ascending star, Andy Costello, and a serious duel ensues. Both drivers push each other into new e.t. records and a final confrontation. Other Sacramento Super-Street action includes Candy Larsen of JCL Race Cars nearly beating the odds with a two-day-old engine in the right-hand drive Ghia.

PRA '95 also documents the beginning of the rise of Pro-Stock as perhaps the most closely competitive heads-up class of PRA racing. You are there as the last race of the season in Phoenix brings out a full field of drivers for the race class of the future. These drivers launch as hard as NHRA Pro-Stock Cars and their 60ft. times back up that claim!

PRA '95 ends with yet another in-car camera ride as you sit in the passenger seat next to Pro Turbo superstar Chris Bubetz. You will be rocketed down the 1/4 mile at over 141 mph for another epic ride you won't soon forget. Come and feel the G-forces!! Buy PRA '95 NOW!!


"...Anyone who has already bought the '94 season video will definitely be up for a piece of this but for those who haven't seen it here's a tip: buy it."


"...The footage was great with good camera skills. I really, really liked it."


"...Back to the video, loved it! I definitely liked the pit coverage please put more in PRA '96."


"...Wow! Very well done...nothing comes close...keep up the great work."


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