94 Tape 3 x 4 inches
PRA '94 from Ocean Street Video starts off with a look at the highlights of the 1993 season. There were several record-shattering runs that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The excitement continues into the 1994 season, where we see racers like Ron Lummus, Jack Sacchette, Chris Bubetz, Manny Flores in Yellow Trouble and a host of others as they battle it out in the toughest air-cooled racing league in the world.

PRA '94 examines in detail the beautiful Pro-Turbo car belonging to Steve Ortega, then profiles the radical Nitro-Methane fueled, dual-supercharged rail of Bonbright & Haire. This digger has to be seen and heard to be believed! The lineup continues with a close look at the turbocharged rail of VW Paradise in San Marcos, California, as they enter into an epic five-round Sacramento elimination with long time Quick-8 champions Dave Folts and Tom Schuh. It's the first time in years someone has seriously challenged Folts and Schuh, and the rivalry between these racers continues today.

This video includes three wrecks, one of which was so serious it broke the trackside k-wall in half. Watch as both drivers walk away, and listen to veteran driver Bret Matney explaining how he unfastened his harness while hanging upside down in the Hot Stuff rail, all the while wondering if the car was on fire and he would make it out in time.

The action finally comes to a close when you get a chance to ride along with Chris Bubetz in his Pro Turbo car at over 143 mph. From startup to shutdown, this kind of VW on-board camera action has never been seen on home video before. But don't take our word for it, just ask


"...best VW drag racing video ever made!"


"...Totally Awesome...PRA '94 is a must have for all VW motorsport enthusiasts"


"...Ivan and Mike sat and watched this one evening and it took them about three hours, not bad considering it's a 90-minute video...some of the best and fastest VW drag racing you'll see anywhere in the world"


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