How do you hook up a Jacobs omni-pac??? Saturday, 13-Jan-01 20:56:31 writes: OK guys I`m thinkin of putting a Jacobs Omni-pac on my Bus motor. Why..., because its sitting on my bench doing nothing :-) 1st off does anyone know how to check it to see if it works. It has 3 wires coming out of it (green,red,black) I`m assuming the red is power becuse its fused. It also has a post for the coil wire. I guess it has an internal coil. Does anyone know how to hook it up and will it also work with a Perlux ignitor? Where would you hook the Tach wire. (every bus needs a tach) Thanks in advance, Mark H

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Guessing here, but how about wiring the #1 wire off the distributor, the green on the Omnipack, and your tack all together? Then plus and minus to the Omni as red and black. That is logical, so it might be all wrong :) (n/t) (Steve Arndt) (13-Jan-01 21:54:29)

Re: Wiring the Omni Pack (Paul) (14-Jan-01 01:35:21)

Re: Re: BTW- it worked fine in my ug with a petronix ignitor (n/t) (Paul) (14-Jan-01 01:39:25)

Re: Re: Thanks for the info guys, I have no coil so... ( Mark H) (14-Jan-01 02:38:28)

Re: Re: Mark I would think it will work that way, but you need to have the red wire fro the ignitor hooked to the ignition or it will be constantly hot. In the Jacobs instructions they recomet that the Omni Pack be hooked strait to the battery and not the ignition. (n/t) (Paul) (14-Jan-01 06:43:44)

Re: Re: Re: It might be a good Idea to check the resistance in the ommni pack by itself before using it by itself with the ignitor. 3.0 ohms for the ignitor if I remember correctly. (n/t) (Paul) (14-Jan-01 06:52:29)

it won't matter; all CDIs (MSD, Jacobs, Tiger, etc) only use the points for triggerring, they do NOT supply the coil's primary current. Points last forever with em'. Pertronix/Compufire will be fine (n/t) (John Connolly) (14-Jan-01 12:28:01)

Re: PAUL, My Jacobs only has three wires. If I hook the red one to the battery ,what will turn it on? Is yours different? ( Mark H) (14-Jan-01 13:34:22)

Re: Part #380886 Omni Pack I think his may be newer or even be an ULTRA-Coil (Paul) (14-Jan-01 16:54:28)



Green goes from omni pack to negative on coil.

Black goes to battery ground.

Red goes directly to battery positive.>this should have a fuse between battery and omni pack.

The Spark load suppresion wire goes from your old coil to a frame ground.> if you dont have the suppression wire for this you will have to cap off the old coil somehow so it doesnt shoot sparks out while running.

Your tach will stay hooked up to your old coil as normal.



I hook the green wire from the Jacobs ,the tach wire and the distributor wire that would have gone to the negative side of the old coil ,all together as one connection. But if I use an ignitor I have two wires coming from the distributor. A black wire that would normally hook to the negative side of the old coil and a red wire that hooked to the positive side. Where do I hook this positive wire ? Should I hook it to the red power wire on the Jacobs that would have hooked to the positive side of the old coil if I had one?

Mark H


Chuck said his Jacobs had 2 red wires one I assume normally goes to the battery and the small red wire would go to the ignition to turn the unit on? My unit only has 3 wires so it has no on/off/power wire? Thanks again,

Mark H


According to the instructions It said that it worked best straight to the battery,and it would not drain the battery when the engine was turned off. Yes mine only has 1 red/1 black/1 green wire. I'm not the type to reinvent the wheel when it comes to electronics so I just followed the directions and used the old coi with it.

If I were to try hooking mine up without the coil

I would go

Red from omni pak to battery

Black from oni pak to battery gound

Green from omni pak to black from ignitor

tach will connect with the green from omni pak to

Red from ignitor to the keyed ignition switch

The instruction sheet I have covers part # 380886 # 380889.



The red is power. Black is ground. THe green is the signal wire. On your pertronix hook up the red to positive just like it was with the coil and the black one will be connected to the green sinal wire on the jacob's to fire the jacob's. That is how I had mine run and it works great.I had two red wires on the jacob's itself though one big and one small. I just spliced the small red with the big red and hooked that to the ingition power. I don't know if your's is like that or not. Hope this helps.


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